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Close Encounters of
Mike "Sully" Sullivan
San Francisco Bay Area Bodysurfer
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"Which posters to alt.surfing have you met, surfed, or tripped with, where and when?"
I stopped in Pacifica on my way home today, caught a few inside shore break.  I skinned it and the
water was quite comfy except for one or two heart attack pockets.

The highlight was finally meeting Lloyd P, and checking out his beach house.  Absolutely awesome.

Though Lloyd was visibly disappointed that Mike Sullivan wasn't a profile put up by a 28 year old comely babe, we traded a little story, gossiped a bit before I had to hit the road.  I think we'll get along just fine, nice to meet you Lloyd.

Surfed with Tom Orsi at Ocean Beacn (San Fran) a few years ago, and twice now in the water with Rick Ciaccio at a couple of the Santa Cruz bodysurfing contests.   We surfed at Lagunas and at
Sunny Cove,  had a great time in the water and partying.

Dinner at OB - July 16, 2001.  We had dinner at The Chalet at OB in SF, the surf was blown, small,
and worthless, Blake, LP, Sul, Foon, Glenda, and Orsi+family attended.  A pic was taken and posted to AS, became a subject of JB's magic, and a source of AS merriment, including Dave being named
'Slingblake',  and Sully getting thrown through a plate glass window by Lemming (all virtual, of course), and Sus lamenting how Glenda always takes good pictures. The pic is here.

Baptized with Dave Blake at Ocean Beach on Sept. 7, 2001.  I got a phone call at 4:15 today from Brother Blake just as I was wondering if maybe I'd better can the surf stop and try and fix a few more problems at work.  At 5:00 I was road raging it to Kellys at OB. I'm pretty used to an empty OB, given the hours and days I stop by there, but when I arrived, the sun was in my eyes making it impossible to pick out Dave among 50 guys in a 1/4 mile stretch. So I just picked what looked like the best spot and swam for it.  After 30 mins or so Dave called out my name, I guess it's not hard to figure out who I am when I'm the only bsurfer. 

I like Dave's style, he charges everything, big or small, won't let one go by if he can help it, and if he's out of position he just paddles harder, or just makes a late drop, either way, he's on it. On the taxi wave, we got it together, he went left, I right, though I needed one more for the road and swam a long haul back out and was amply rewarded.

I'm baptized now, I think Brother Dave will count my AS points now, though I suppose he could get sticky about it since I didn't have a board out there. 1/2 point for surfing with a bsurfer?  :^)

Back from Newport (Aug 2002).  I'd hooked up with JohnH on Sunday DP, it was really fun to meet
you. John gritted his teeth, rolled his eyes and bodysurfed with me.  Surf was small but we had good fun, and closed out the morning with breakfast at Charlies Chili.

November 2002. I looked at my encounters.  I'm a little behind. Surfed with lp; met Keener, Foon, Glenda.

2003. Met Gamivia Duke.

August 2004. Met BA in La Jolla and bodysurfed with Turby.  Had a good trip, showed up in LJ the morning after Surfer Bob left. It was great to meet BA and his harem, and go out for a little shin-high surf with Turby and my son.   My daughter was out swimming the cove, and had an incredible experience with the sharkettes, rays, and other little fishies.

May 2005. While BA hunted in vain for The Gleshnarhoid, Sully did much better tracking  down his prey, the elusive DeeDee who turns out to have fled the real world and was found banished to Lake County, Ca this weekend.

Don't believe a word she says, I was not hanging out with a bunch of adoring teenbabes  by a beautiful lake on a sunny day,  she tripped over me lying in my own piss and spilled beer with one handcuff on
outside the Clear Lake Club,  one of the many Lakeport lowlife hangouts.

Rod, rack up a point each, though I tried to get her to take a paddleboard out to wait for that asteroid
to hit the lake.

Surfer Bob and I - August 2005. See Surfer Bob's report on the meeting.

Gioni and Sully @ The Gallery/Santa Cruz - October 2005. We hooked up at the gallery at noon yesterday,  I made some time before my daughter's swim meet. G sized me up, saw how old and out of shape I was and put his board back in the car, went over to the trunk of my car and grabbed my son's
XXL fins, shoving me out of the way.   I asked him not to take my kids' fins, but he rolled his eyes then whacked me on the ear with the fins.

Without another word he motioned for me to follow him, and I tried my best to keep up, down the stairs out through the rocks and out to the lineup. G then proceeded to kick my ass bsurfing,  when he was done physically dragged me out of the water and up the stairs.

"Hey G, let me at least take my fins off..."
"hey i cut my toe!"
"hey where did this cut on my hand come from?"

he grumbled something inaudibly, threw one fin as hard as he could across the road, and another toward the lighthouse. The fin sock he tossed in his own car saying something about the dipstick. Then grabbed his board and went back out without a word. I had a great time, thanks Gioni!

And I thought BA's place was rough.

November 2005 - Mothers in Surfside (Huntington Beach, CA). Awe and I hooked up while I was in his area Thu/Fri. I believe he has other points to report as well, but is too busy photographing teenbabes. Sheesh, what an entourage! Unfortunately they had to wait outside, something about forgetting to bring their id? Awe and I hooked up Thur evening at Mothers in Surfside. We're both veterans of the old hole-in-the-wall so neither of us needed to comment on drinking our beer out of mason jars. Great hooking up, talked a lot about the local areas we both spent lots of time surfing and partying in. I learned something later that night after the meet when I went back to zooport. Talking to a bartender at Blackies, he pointed out that the Josts on Anaheim is not the original Joe Josts. The original was near the Balboa Pavilion in Newport! It was a barber shop. I didn't believe it, he told me about this website:  http://www.joejosts.com/biography.php. Great stuff. I'm going to win some beers from my buddies next time I'm down there. Damn, who'da thunk the Blackies bartenders were online?

Pretty flat conditions but I found a couple wave generators in Newport that provided.   Skinned it, water was excellent. Awe, I tried out the cliffs for the last hour of daylight Friday, had a great old time. Seems like the beginning of a swell started to hit, and hit right where I was, got a couple great rides by the light of the oil derricks offshore.

Steve "The Mind" Visits OB/San Francisco - Dec 2005.  See lp's report.

November 2009 - Sully Visits CraigK in Chicago. It wasn't epic,  but it was fun. Craig K and I got together a week ago, hooked up in Wrigleyville over a beer and watched Niners game and bears game in a pub that likely could have been a speakeasy at one point.

Craig did his best to hook me up with some lake surf, there was excellent conditions Thurs/Fri, but alas,  I was paid to be there and had to work. I went hunting for the remnants on Saturday morning, but  misjudged the conditions and should have trusted Craig and the links he provided and taken the drive to Sheboygan as an act of faith.

Proof below:  You can date it by the game on TV above (click on the pic):

Love my bright red schnozz!   More Beer!

Mike, one more or the AS Points Whores asks, "BTW, Rod, can you give points to Keener and myself for meeting Kira at my Labor Day party last year?"

AS Points Log:  I have...
... met the following ASers ...surfed with these ASers ...traveled with these ASers
Awe F'shore
Bill Andrews (BA)

Craig Kemnitz
Dee Dee

Surfer Bob
Dave Blake
Gamivia Duke
John Hermesman
Lloyd P.
Rick Ciaccio
Tom Keener

Tom Orsi
6 x 1 point = 10 x 2 points = 0 x 3 points =
7 points 20 points 0 points

Point totals: 27

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