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Close Encounters of
Lloyd Pollock
Pacifica, Ca

Home page:  www.surfvid.com

Memorable Quote:
"Have you ever tried to dive through an incoming wave on a flowrider?"
-- Lloyd Pollock on alt.surfing, 2001-08-10

"Which posters to alt.surfing have you met, surfed, or tripped with, where and when?"

2001-08-04.  Dave Blake and I went surfing between Pacifica and Ocean Beach in a not so well-known spot for waves ranging from head high to overhead....

La Selva Beach - July 21, 2001. Cruzapalooza.  Met with Foon, Evan "wavslav", Dave Francis, Steve "da hulk" Hull.  Surfed with Luis Mejia, Mike "moody Kopp", GG Carol, Mike Burns on a different day (not sure if he posts on AS).

1999 Met Mike Sullivan who surfs outside my house. Met and had lunch with Tim Maddox, after surfing Ocean Beach with Gioni and Jeff "kdalle" Kaplan. 

1999 surfed with David Cianelli and Ken who posted a few times in 1999.

Maddux at Ocean Beach SF, December 2001.  it was classic. i got smacked around on paddle out as well, but once outside there was lots of room and quite a view. large peeling A-frames amidst
relatively calm waters. lots of hoots around as the crew were coming out with some big rides.

i saw both gioni and jeff snag some real sweet late drops into peeling walls. g got some real nice rides early on and jeff pulled up big with the right dave mentioned. i didn't have a good vantage point for dave waves, though i watched him get some long rides. tim was charging on an unfamiliar board in some pretty sizeable conditions. it was good having him out there.

my funnest wave was when i dropped into a steep left just as gioni was paddling by. i was staying tight to the face as the wave pitched and i got a short standup veranda. stayed on the line covered for the moment and exited down the line a ways. it wasn't a long barrel, but i was almost completely erect.

if you ask me, one of the better A.S. norcal surf feasts. See some pics from the session.

September 2005 - Boost Mobile Pro Contest at Lower Trestles.  OBsurfer reported, "Shot on Friday and Sunday. Good to meet Loyd Pollack and Awe. Great guys who took my verbal abuse quite well. Awe needs a haircut though."

Steve "The Mind" Visits OB/San Francisco - Dec 2005. That dude steve just got a big bump on the encounter counter. Dude surfed with, not 1, 2, 3 or 4 AS'ers, but made it out with a shiny 5 AS'ers surfed with points: steve, the mind; gams evil twin; dennis; gioni; sully; and, lp. As none is interested in details of the surf, we'll move to post-surf grinds. At a local diner Sully and Steve went rabid over politics to the extent we had to remove the forks and knives from the table. Fortunately, both
Sully and Steve are excellent spoon players and were cranking out tunes with such sublime melodiousness, that the waitresses felt a need to free themselves from their meager garments and prance nakid through the aisles. The 12 course meal was presented by milking maids and drummer boys consisting of swans, geese, calling birds, french hens, turtle doves and a partridge in a pear tree. Ok, i might have made part of that up. Still fun morning in the surf and  lots of points for a visiting AS'er.

As they say in the foundation trilogy, the mind shows no sign of being tampered with. the reality is at our grinds, neither politics nor religion were discussed. Here's one for Steve - that particular diner has a bit of as legacy, as I've taken various visiting AS'ers there after OB outings. It's a plain little hole in the wall in the outer avenues with decent food in good portions, energetic servers and a reasonable price. The furniture, though recently renovated, is old and worn, spacious and generally comfortable. The menu is primarily Irish from its early days (its across from the Irish cultural center), but has had Chinese ownership for the last 20 years or so. AS'ers Maddox, Kaplan, Gam and others have dined there on respective offical as meetings. the minds visit there with a strong NorCal AS contigent solidifies its tradition as an official AS grind.

DaGriz Comes Out to San Francisco - March 22, 2006. Yesterday it was too blown to surf, so Drew and I met, had a couple of crab sandiwiches at Nick's, and took a hike on the coastal bluffs around
my house. Good food and exercise.

Today it was still disorganized, but the swell had come up (~11.5' @ 11 secs dominating, but definitely some longer period in the mix). It was mostly ugly, but doable, so we paddled out. Stayed out about 1.5hrs, trying to get into an elusive peeling left and dodging the big cleanup sets. I was battling the currents mostly, but got 3 decent waves out of a half dozen or so rides. Drew, going leashless on his sponge, got at least one nice set wave in the 2x range and only lost his board once (I recovered it as it was making its way back out to sea in the channel). Overall, a fun time and we racked up some points.

Tomorrow conditions should be a little better for his final day of the trip.

AS Points Log:  I have...
... met the following ASers ...surfed with these ASers ...traveled with these ASers
Awe F'shore
Dave Francis

Evan "wavslav"
OBsurfer "kneed4speed" Barnes
Steve "da hulk" Hull
Tim Maddox
Dave Blake
David Cianelli
Drew "DaGriz"
Gamivia Duke
Gioni "G" Pasquinelli

Glenda Carroll
Jeff "kdalle" Kaplan
Luis Mejia
Mike "Moody Kopp"
Mike "Sully" Sullivan
Tim Maddux

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