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Close Encounters of
Surfer Bob
Santa Barbara Surfrider
Ventura, Calif.

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"Which posters to alt.surfing have you met, surfed, or tripped with, where and when?"
II met Gadget in Cornwall England in the summer of 1998. He very graciously loaned me a surfboard (7'8" Rusty semigun he originally purchased for surfing Uluwatu) for the duration of my UK tour. He, Ric Harwood and I checked a number of their favorite spots but pretty much got skunked. At SWNIDNEHA ("The spot whose name I dare not even hint at") sub knee high waves crawled in. Ric with his potato chip and I with my Rusty gun sat on the bluff and watched Gadget ride the ankleslappers on his giant Flying Tiger tanker. He did headstands to keep it interesting. Later we went for warm, flat local beers at a pub. So that's about as close to 2 points as you can get while only earning 1. 

I surfed with Gioni at Stables in Ventura County last winter. The locals burned him a lot but I saw him make a really ballsy late drop on an overhead wall on his huge, thick longboard. 

I've surfed with Will Borgeson on a number of occasions, including some magical days back in the summer of '84 at Horseshoe Cove on UC's Bodega Bay Marine Lab where surfing is now banned. The first (and for years the only) picture I had of me surfing was on a gorgeous barrel of a wave of the day at that spot. I got it and Will didn't! Neener, neener. 

I've surf tripped with Ric Harwood on his island and on my mainland. He and I drove deep into Will Borgeson country in Rocktober '98, and surfed an epic point on one of the biggest days I've ever been in the water. We drove for hours with Will through two counties and camped out in his driveway, but since Will was in his own bed I guess it doesn't count as a surftrip with Will. Similarly when he comes to Rincon and I sleep in my own bed. 

I've surfed with Tim Maddux countless times (even he couldn't tell how many for all his surf reporting 'cause he doesn't always mention that he surfed with me and we both forget). We've been from Baja Sur to north of Pt. Conception, over hill and dale and monster canyon and steep cliff on the Mysto Soup expeditions to Nanawani and beyond. He's singlehandedly responsible for expanding my regular surf range by an extra county. The best kind of surfbud. 

I picked up a few points during MiffMole's Venturapalooza at Rincon. Met and surfed with Miff himself, as well as Steve Lange and Alley Oop

A few more "almost-points" (these in fact do count -tim): I spoke with Jay in the parking lot during Venturapalooza but didn't learn his identity until the next day. I shared waves with and talked to No1CatFish for a few minutes in the water at Rincon in December. Didn't learn his identity until he responded to my AS posted surf report for the day. I went to grade school with Paul Richardson and didn't figure out that he was the same guy until he wrote me in response to an AS post. 

February 2003 - Rincon with Gamivia Duke.  Like the man said, He came, we saw, we surfed. We avoided injury (received or delivered). Really good to meet you, Gamivia.

There is little to add to his fine account of our surf. But I would state for the record that a guy used to riding Florida beachbreaks on a little fishie shifted gears very smoothly when it came to logging a CA pointbreak on a holiday weekend. The Supreme Court piloted a big, heavy log (3 feet longer than his usual stick and about 5x as heavy) leashless through the crowd at Rincon with style and aplomb, scoring some nice rides and causing zero mayhem. He yielded politely and appropriately on at least a dozen beautifully lined up point waves where someone came up from behind him, resisting the strong temptation to up his wave count with wavehog tactics.

It was so flat in the morning, I thought we were headed for a real desperation surf. It turned out to be considerably more than that. Minus tide, building swell, plenty of sand still in the Cove this fairly quiet winter all made for a pretty fun afternoon's surf. And if his boss ever asks, I'll swear he attended that Sunday Power Sales Lunch thing at the Doubletree like he told his office.

Respectfully submitted,
Surfer Bob

The Thermos - June-July 2004. I met SURF_DOPE a while back during the Thermos caper. 

Surfer Bob's Excellent San Diego Redux - August 2004.  Met and surfed with Tom Keener (Turby) and met BA.  See the story here.

Sully and Surfer Bob - August 2005. Sully and I each gain 1 AS point. He cruised though my little beach town and looked me up. Surf was reeeeeeally small, so I did not skip work to earn that 2nd point for riding an 14" mushburger with him. He bought me dinner, I bought him a beer, I met his good looking, intelligent kids, we hung out and shot the breeze. Cool guy. Very into his watersports.

I dug the ride in his '65 ('66?) split windshield VW microbus. Headlights flickered, he said, for the first time since he gave Foon a ride 5 years ago. "Hmmmm whassupwiddat?" I wonder. Can the AS vibe
affect auto electical systems?

I laugh now at the sight-unseen protrayal of Sully I wrote in last year's "Naked Came the Huckster."

Next time I'll describe him more accurately.

Thanks Sully. Come again anytime and bring some waves!

Surfer Bob

Surfer Bob's Great San Diego Redux - June 2007. Had a great week in San Diego. Long days of technical sessions and conferencing, eves of parties, mornings of dawn patrols and scoring AS points. Surf was kind of small, but that's June in southern CA. It's fun to be back in my old neighborhood. More here... on close encounters with Tom Tweed and George Barnes.


AS Points Log:  I have...
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Bill Andrews (BA)
Mike "Sully" Sullivan
Neal "Spone" Miyake
Paul Richardson
Surf Dope
Tom Tweed
Alley Oop
Gamivia Duke
George "Kneed4speed" Barnes

Steve Lange
Tom Keener
Will Borgeson
Ric Harwood
Tim Maddux
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