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Close Encounters of
Gamivia Duke
Planet Earth Surfriding Local

Homepage:  Gamivia Duke, Esq.

"Which posters to alt.surfing have you met, surfed, or tripped with, where and when?"
Tim Maddux. We met at Malibu. Waves were flat and we did not surf. There were other times that we were supposed to meet at Leo but never did hook up. I'm guessing we shared a Leo session or two at some point. 

Jose Borrero and Tower7. We surfed all the time together. Multiple sessions. 

Egosurf and John Ferguson. Fla sessions. Very small waves. Very cool guys. 

Jeff Kaplan. He was visiting LA. Over the course of two days we surfed County Line, Sunset, Topanga and Bay St. together. Great time. 

AnkleSlop.  Multiple trips, Multiple destinations. Always fun.

Met and surfed with Carson in San Diego.

August 2001.  Surfed Ocean beach with David Blake, Lloyd, Glenda, Gioni and Jeff Kaplan on 
a nice NW swell in August of all months." 

August 31, 2002.  Met Rico, Doc, El Roca, DD (Maddux was there too but already knew him!) over Labor Day Weekend on Cape Cod. [Also see Doc's Report and the Tim Maddux Report.]  Also see the group picture marking the occasion.

February 2003 - Rincon with Surfer Bob.  Had a superfun longboard session with Surfer Bob at Rincon.  The story goes something like this:

I heard the call, "Duke! You're our superstar salesman <pause> again. Make way to the west coast training meeting in Santa Barbara immediatly!" the boss cried. "I'll be damned, bossman. 16th Street is going off but if I have to  I'll be taking my boards and its on Verizon's dime!" I retorted. Next thing you know I was at http://www.pbia.org/ awaiting a flight away from my beloved 16th Street. 

The next thing I know it was Sunday AM, I hooked up with my boy Brett and the tide was high. We looked all over the place but the tide was killing it - Ventura Fairgrounds, Silver Strand, Oxnard Shores, Rincon, <gulp> even Sands! It was weak but it was good to catch up with Brett. I had e-mail Surferbob (and Surfdope and Lange too - to no avail) about hooking up and we met mid-afternoon for a low tide session at Rincon. He rolled up in his VW and was complete with two logs for the session. I'm not much of a longboarder but the waves were pretty small. I went out leashless on his 9'4". 

It was actually really fun. I had two boards with me (a 6'4" and a fish) but the longboard session was totally cool. I'd forgotten how fun Rincon can be. Surferbob was catching waves and I was too.  And they were pretty long, fun rides. I dropped in on shitload of people (it was 2') too. I saw Surferbob catch one real nice wave at the peak and then looked waaayyy inside to see him kickout. It was a good time.

Then it started picking up. And the crowd increased. There were a few head high sets and when you connected it was really fun. BUT, at that point I wished I had my shortboard because it was definetly getting shortboardable. I was also thinking that I might just kill someone if I lost this mammoth 9'4" with the crowd increasing like it did... I lost the board once during the whole session - and that was one the way inside when the wave finally closed out - not bad. 

Suferbob and I caught a few more waves then I told him I was calling it a day. I saw him catch one all the way in and I shortly followed suit. We bullshitted for a bit and then I had to take off.  SurferBob, it was great to meet ya and thanks for the use of your board! I plan on working Verizon for everything they have to get me back to SB for this or that and I'd love to hook up for another session again.

July 2003.  Met and had beers with Tom Keener.  Met up with him once more about a month later in SF.

December 2003.  Met and surfed with Neal "Sponge" Miyake at DHLH.  It was totally cool to hook up with Neal.  I was so bummed I got the flu. It was bad too. One of the worst flu episodes of my life for sure. Ended up in the emergency room on Sunday. The next morning (after hooking up with you) I was gonna hook up with Bud and I was just out of my mind sick. I got up and left a message on his cell at 5:30 sick as a dog. I think back about what that message must have sounded like - probably pretty funny. I ended up staying an extra day just laid up in the hotel room. There is nothing like being stuck in a hotel room for days on end with crystal blue skies and water just outside. I usually do not get that sick and if I do, I handle it pretty well but this was bad.

AS:  Neal's a true waterman! He does it all! Hope to get back out there soon and we'll do it all over again. Here's a pic of G-Duke at DHLH.

December 2003. Met Mike "Sully" Sullivan.

August 2004.  I got some water time and AS points IN SD with Obsurfer at one of his breaks. I
fucking like that guy alot!

Steve "The Mind" Visits OB/San Francisco - Dec 2005.  See lp's report.

AS Points Log:  I have...
... met the following ASers ...surfed with these ASers ...traveled with these ASers
El Roca
Tim Maddux
Tom Keener
David Blake

George Barnes
Gioni Pasquinelli
Glenda "gg" Carroll
Jeff Kaplan
John Ferguson
Jose Borrero
Lloyd "lp" Pollock
Mike "Sully" Sullivan
Neal "Sponge" Miyake
Surfer Bob

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6 points 32 points 3 points

Point totals: 41

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