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Close Encounters of
Joanne VanMeter
Carlsbad (North County San Diego), CA

Homepage:  Joanne "Living Out Loud" VanMeter

"Which posters to alt.surfing have you met, surfed, or tripped with, where and when?"
My land encounters:
Neon at San O.  Tom Keener, a breakfast with a view, beautiful morning, swapping tales in La Jolla.
Tom Tweed, last conversed with while he was on a bike at Windansea.  BA was with me and TT and BA know each other well.  I met Tom before I knew alt.surfing existed.  George Barnes works with me but I knew him first through a work email list called surf.mail.  Terry Hendricks, sdbeachguy, at San O.
Mike (just Mike) at PontoPalooza.

According to TT's profile, these people post that I know but not from posting on alt.surfing:
-- Joe Trotter:  Bought a surfboard from him, see him at LJ Shores now and then.
-- Dr. Michael Nova:  Went to a business lunch with him.  I didn't know he is/was a alt.surfing guy.
-- Doug Jones:  I had an office next to him for three years and just recently moved to one away from him.  He helps coach me in longboarding.  Great guy!

My water encounters:
Lisa (Ljswahine) in multiple north county spots.  At PontoPalooza: Rod Rodgers, Ben Rak, Tom Duncan (tdsurf).  I frequently see Dan King (Crag) in La Jolla and North County but I put him in "travel."  I surf with Bill nearly everyday but I put him also in "travel."

My travel encounters:
Dan King and Bill Andrews to Baja (on my first ever trip out of the U.S.).

Party for Rod and Ben, June, 30 2001: We had a little get together here at the casa for some surfing friends. In attendance: Rod Rodgers from Maryland, Ben Rak and Roy from Israel, Mike and wife Dr. Tamar from Carlsbad, George Barnes and his surfin babes Morgan and Jackie from Point Loma, Bill Andrews from Oceanside, Dan and Judy King from Ramona, Terry Hendricks from Encinitas, Tom Duncan from Tuscan, Aaron from San Diego, Leslie from Encinitas, Ray and Laura from Oceanside.

We all surfed Ponto, even though it was only wind swell conditions, then went back to our house for margaritas, bbque, slideshows by Barnes and Hendricks, and Morgan hogged the Israelis in the hot tub.  I've never met Tom before, nor saw photos of him before but I spotted him in the water surfing and somehow just knew it was him. He's good and I expected that from someone that shot such good surfing photos. He's got an eye for it.

Rod had his Paipo board, which I guess is somewhere between a body board and a knee board. He uses web gloves and swim fins to help get himself into waves. It looked like fun.  I was impressed with Dan trying to surf. He is a body boarder and wind swells didn't cut it for him. I offered him a surf board instead and he gave stand up surfing a try. I was wandering when I'd see him adjust his toys to the

George drove us all to jealousy viewing his Mentawis surf slides and Terry showed us crazy slides, going to Baja in every kind of vehicle you can imagine.

It was good to finally put some faces to names and I hope to see you all in the water again soon.lly put some faces to names and I hope to see you all in the water again soon.

Close Encounters Kahuna's Note:  Joanne VanMeter hosted PontoPalooza--potential bonus points--at least good enough for an honorable mention!

Neal at the Shores - August 29, 2001: Hooked up with Neal Miyake, BA, and Dan King at the Shores, then Tom Keener and the gang for Sushi afterwards.  Report to come, too tired now to report.  Neal's got a camera full of the session photos.  Looking forward to seeing those.  It was a small day but we had some fun.  Bill got rammed in the chest with a longboard.  He didn't take that too well.

Dave Blake Visits San Diego - Nov. 14, 2001: David Blake, Phd, of San Fransico or Ocean Beach, is here for a neurological convention. He surfed with George Barnes all week at Sunset Cliffs in closeout bombers, got Blacks twice, Windansea with me once and Swamis on his way back home. Here's the photos at my site.

Met John4surf at Cardiff - Dec. 9, 2001:  I finally met John4surf at Cardiff today.  You can't miss him in that uniquely painted 19fifty something vehicle with matching surfboard.  Beauties, both of them.  As soon as he backed into his parking space half the parking lot came over to greet him.  After listening to the local stories for a while, it was time to surf. He's in surf trunks, that's all, grabs his board and heads out.  I was in disbelief watching as he paddled out, in nothing but surf trunks.  I think he is in denial about the water temperature.

It took me forever to get changed into all my gear but I finally made it out on my longboard to join him.  I'm not exactly use to longboarding and had a kinda fun thing happen.  When a wave broke in front of me, I turtled my board, holding on to only the nose.  The wave lifted me completely vertical but dropped me back down the way I came up.  Pretty fun to be airlifted like that but probably wouldn't have been fun if it flipped completly over.

Great morning surfing with him and I'm looking forward to seeing him and his wacky friends again there.  He's not hard to miss.  Only one bare back in the winter.   Jeanette Michaud was out and I always enjoy talking to her.  To me, she's the Rell Sunn of San Diego.

A Party at Carson's Place in Pt. Loma - Jan. 16, 2002:  Read Neal Miyake's story... I was not feeling well during January and posted little on AS.  See the pic from Carson's Party.

Steve 'the Mind" Marshall's Visit to San Diego (March 30, 2002).
Bill Andrews and I had a reef break to ourselves (gee wonder why) an hour before the big WSD gathering further north (Tamarack). We hopped in our separate vehicles with wet wetsuits, booties, and gloves still on (only I wear gloves), dripping wet, as we searched for and found Steve the Mind and his groupies.

After a half hour more of goofing off on longboards in tiny waves (Bill Andrews, JohnH, Steve and I), and only running over one person who dared to take off in front of me (I probably shouldn't have done that but...oh well), we headed over to my house for booze, pizza, naked hot tubbing, and LAIRD.  Actually the threat of naked hot tubbing scared everyone off and I got to keep all the booze they brought over and didn't finish.

Here's the photo I made the guys stand by me to make it look like I was popular.  I have some video to post of Bill talking big about taking out Neal in some contest next year and his opinion of non stand up surfing, now that he doesn't stand up (much).

Puerto Rico (February 2003).  Dan King, Rod Rodgers and I blasted the NW coastal Puerto Rico breaks. More stories to follow but you can check my videos and pics and Rod's reports.

AS Party at Tom Keener's - March 2003. "That's right - it's party time. Alt.surfing's Drew and Glenda are visiting SoCal, so we've got to have a party." ~TK.  Pic posted at Joanne's site:  Pic 1 and Pic 2.  Thanks for the party, Tom. Glenda, Drew (DaGriz"), Jose Borrerro, Al... nice to meet you.

Yellow Bamboo Power in San Diego - July 2004. The evidence is pictured here.  Fun surfing with Turby and Glenda this morning.  I think I caught a 100 waves. I can't believe you two went clubbing and surfing in my neighborhood without me though.  What's up with that! I hope Bill's ok after getting yellow bamboo'd by Turby.  Anyone heard from him since?

Yellow Bamboo Power in Bali with Alvin - August 2004. Surfed with Alvin Donovan (Thurston!) at a long left together intentionally and in front of his house together unintentionally (I saw him out there but
we hadn't yet met). See the pic and a story byte of Joanne, Alvin and CJ here.  My video report for the Bali trip.
Yooper Comes to Dinner - June 2005. Read the reports and see the pics here.

Other Items of Interest:
Article of Note in the Wichita Eagle, 2/8/2003.

AS Points Log:  I have...
... met the following ASers ...surfed with these ASers ...traveled with these ASers
Al (friend of Jose's)
Carson (S. Carson Rhodes)
Drew "DaGriz"
George Barnes
Joe Trotter
Jose Borrerro
Michael Nova (Dr.)
Mike Lietzow
Terry Hendricks (sdbeachguy)
Tom Tweed
Alvin Donovan
Ben Rak
Dave Blake
Doug Jones
Glenda Carroll
John Hermesman
Lisa (Ljswahine)
Neal "Sponge" Miyake
Steve "the Mind" Marshall
Tom Duncan (tdsurf)
Tom Keener
Bill Andrews
Dan King (Crag)
Rod Rodgers
12 x 1 point = 12 x 2 points = 3 x 3 points =
12 points 24 points 9 points

Point totals:  45

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