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OB Shortboarder
San Francisco, Ca

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"Which posters to alt.surfing have you met, surfed, or tripped with, where and when?"
My First AS Close Encounter - November 2005:  Yeah. I qualify for some points finally. I met Glenda, lp, kdalle, and Gioni for the first time. Surfed with the Skipper (Blakstah), Gioni, and Supreme Court - though I only got two waves and Supreme Court dropped in on me on one of them ;^).

Scored in NJ - December 2005. I met Mike G for the first time at 8 Am Monday, the day after  Christmas. It was cold and raining lightly when we met. The wind was blowing offshore and the waves were head-highish. Nice peaks were forming in front of the jetties up and down the beach. The spot we
chose to paddle out had fun walls building off the peaks. I was curious about the water temp cuz I only had a 4/3. The water wasn't much colder at 45ish. San Francisco is in the low 50's. I did wear gloves for the first time in about ten years.

Mike was kind enough to bring a couple boards for me to select from. I chose a 7'6 fun shape. Mike rode his fish. We paddled out and I got one nice right almost immediately. It walled up and gave an opportunity for a couple pumps down the line and cutbacks. Then Mike followed up with a series of nice waves. We were all smiles out there. The waves were consistant and just the two of us sharig the peak for quite some time. Mike surfed well. He got lots of waves and worked them to the end.

After about an hour of solitude, we were joined by a sponger that was also getting nice rides, one foot up and doing 360's. Another half hour and one other stand-up guy joined in. By then, we were getting tired - but not cold. So we called it a day and went for a nice hot meal at a local diner.

I have to say that Mike is one of the nicest folks you'll meet up. If you get the opportunity to surf with him, you should. After breakfast, we parted ways. My wife and I drove toward Princeton. Then I received a call from Doug to go out, but it was too late for us unfortunately. Hope to catch up with you another time Doug. The waves were good. The company was good. I didn't freeze my arse off as expected. All-in-all, a great NJ winter surfing experience.

Steve "The Mind" Visits OB/San Francisco - Dec 2005. 
A tear rolls from my eye ;^|  Very nice Steve. It was good surfing with you. Also see lp's report.

Andy Woodward Visits OB/San Francisco - Feb 2006. Well, a meeting of a few AS'ers took place today at mi casa. Andy showed up. The Paul Richardson showed up. We sat around and had a nice
chat -- Paul has a picture to post for proof. Unfortunately, the waves were not cooperating. You shoulda been here yesterday Andy... Paul hung out with us for a couple hours then had to hed back to home.
Then Andy, my wife took a ride over to Seal Rock Inn for lunch.
Andy grabbed the tab for lunch. I tried to grab it but I was sitting on my hands when the check came ;^ ). Thanks Andy. Gam stopped by as we were leaving the restaurant. We all cruised down to the beach hoping for inspiration. Turned out to be too much of a wish. The side shore current was moving like a river. The couple o'folks in the water were getting slam-dunked on 2 foot waves. No fun to be had in the water today.

Andy and I then headed over to Wise Surf Shop, just because. Andy was doing a price comparison of SF boards to his local surf shops.

Paul, Dennis, Andy.

Photo by: Yuriko (Dennis' wife).

I picked up a day bag for a new (used but perfect) 8' CI Gun that I bought yesterday. Then the rains started. It poured like hell long enough to flood the streets. By then, it was time for Andy to head back to his significant other. So, I drove him home.

No surf but a really good time with good people. Better luck tomorrow Andy.

Paul and Andy came up with a good idea regarding the coveted longboard. Those who ride it and have photo proof, get to sign it (seal the signature with acrylic paint please).

AS Points Log:  I have...
... met the following ASers ...surfed with these ASers ...traveled with these ASers
Andy Woodward
Glenda "gg" Carroll
Paul Richardson
Dave Blake
Gamivia Duke
Gioni "G" Pasquinelli
Lloyd "lp" Pollock

Mike "Sully" Sullivan

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Point totals:  18

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