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Close Encounters of
Andy Woodard
Gulf Coast Waverider
Mobile, AL

"Which posters to alt.surfing have you met, surfed, or tripped with, where and when?"
1. I had a professional meeting in Chicago in January of 2001, yea you read that right Chicago in January! Craig calls me at my hotel like on Friday and says hey wanna go surfing? I’m looking out the window as the snow and wind (long pause) uhhhh, weellll, (thankfully he interjected), ha no man there is nothing (wheew) but lets meet up. So Saturday after my talk we meet in front of the Marriott, have drinks at the John Hancock Bldg., drinks on Rush street, and off to the Greek Isles for dinner (and more drinks!). I don’t remember the whole night but I think I had a good time. Great host, great city, great time.  Points: 1 for A.S. meeting (should give me another for going to Chicago in winter damnit!!).

2. I went to a wedding in San Diego during the spring of 2001 and hooked up with a couple of A.S.ers. Met Tom Keener Friday morning and went on the whirlwind T.K. tour of San Diego surf spots, ate a huge veggie omelet, and chatted A.S. I was enamored with San Diego, absolutely a wonderful place,
great weather and nice people. Had a great time although I couldn’t talk Tom into a dawn patrol Sunday morning, man there was no budging him. I had to go back and pick up my wife around lunch so we parted company.  Points: 1 

3. Two days later I met up with John H. (who kicks ass for lending me one of his boards) and Dan King for a dawn patrol at Trestles to celebrate world surf day [see the story here].  Epic conditions (by Gulf Coast standards) with only a couple people out. I tried my best to surf despite the lingering effects of ingesting copious amounts of Coors Light (from wedding reception) the 50 something degree water, and egad a short board! Got a good reaction from one of the locals who was commenting on the cold water, I said something like "Uhhh I wouldn’t know man I’m here on vacation from Alabama" there was a pause and then "You’re form ALABAMA, and you SURF!". Cool guy, although he was blown away that people actually surf the gulf, I got a good chuckle out of it. Overall the waves were great, the company was excellent, the location was awesome, I’m sold! Points: Two ASers one surf session = 4 pts (do I get 0.5 points for snaking Dan King on his home turf with John’s board?).

4. GuidoPalooza 2001 (Oct 6-10, 2001).  My report is posted on the GP2K1 page - click here. This year's GP trippers included KC Filer, Sarge, Foon, DeeDee, Andy Woodard, Todd, John Ferguson, Edmund, Neal Carver, Myron, SteveM and Rod Rodgers.  Non-ASer guests included KC's wife, Svetlana, and Ferg's pup, Lucy.  See the GP2K1 Trip Reports and Pics and a pic of (most of) the group in the Tranquility Base GP station.

5. Visit to OB/San Francisco (Feb 2006). Thanks for hosting me, very cool. Enjoyed it. Totally wanted to give the 9' gun-y-board a go-out... eh such is life. Looks like I brought the epic waves, I imagine it was even better on Monday. You know with the light wind and all that. The Supreme Court was miffed, Paul left, G said to hell with this, Sullivan was driving around, and LP went skiing. Danm, am I the thermi incarnate? Actually not bothered by not going out, I was indeed on the down and out, maxed out at 102F that night and started hacking up green crap that looked like chicken skin. Muy mal... Sully called the next morning (sorry bout not calling) things were coming up (literally). Hope I didn't infect anybody. Thanks again all. See Dennis' report and pic.

AS Points Log:  I have...
... met the following ASers ...surfed with these ASers ...traveled with these ASers
Craig Kemnitz
Dennis of SF
Gamivia Duke
Paul Richardson
Tom Keener

Dan "Crag" King
John Hermesman
Preciousssss AS Longboard
John Ferguson
KC Filer
Neal "Right Coast" Carver
Rod Rodgers
5 x 1 point = 3 x 2 points = 11 x 3 points =
5 points 6 points 33 points

Point totals:  44

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