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Close Encounters of
Local Break Longboarder
Houston, TX

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"Which posters to alt.surfing have you met, surfed, or tripped with, where and when?"
Last September, met "stew", he used to post a lot from Dallas I think, and I met him at surfside during a swell. We surfed the same break the same day, but not together. 

Have met and surfed with "the griz" (Webmaster of Texas Surfrider). 

Have met "ecosurf". 

Went on family vacation to VA Beach, met up and surfed a morning session with SteveM. 

Went to Mexico for 8 days with Ferg and Egosurf. Also met and surfed one morning session with Jose Borrero. 

Tried like hell to surf with jb, but he wimped out. half points?? :) No. :P -tim (later in Panama).

Travelled to NJ to surf with Mark, HomeFrunt, and SurfSargant on their home turf. 2 sessions.

For more of the story on the Panama Trip see SurfGeo's webpage for pics and stories. 

I also have Santa Cruz, a session with G and da hulk, and a meeting with rick c.  Then there is a trip to florida this summer with several sessions with ferg.  thats about it for now.... (8/12/01)

October 2005 - surfgeo and cal;yforny... was great! 2 days of flatness... then an awesome susho dinner at a restaurant where the barkeep actually did the music for part of "second thoughts" -= a classic surf flick that jb recalls i am sure..... i got a bit of deep doooon on the inside info on that flick, but all in all it rocks.  if you havent seen it you are a dumbass...  :-"

and then Awe'fshore showed up......................always great to meet a good AS'er!  especially one who also has shoulder woes!  I enjoyed the beers dude, we WILL do it again!!!! and then today..........swell way up, shots of HB pier and the Wedge to conme!!!

AS Points Log:  I have...
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Awe F'shore

Rick "#9" Ciaccio ("Chacho")
da hulk
John Ferguson (Ferg)
Jose Borrero
M@rk Sisom
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