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Close Encounters of
PNW Shortboarder
Washington State

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"Which posters to alt.surfing have you met, surfed, or tripped with, where and when?"
My first Close Encounters with AS'ers was Corbeau in November 2002. Corbeau says, "Shots from my first day with the new lens. I ran into Agent Utah in the parking lot and spoke briefly as he was
getting ready to paddle out.  Later, I met another AS'er, PNWK as he  was taking a quick stretch in the middle of his session.  It seemed  like everyone in the state who owned a board had converged on TokeLand as I kept seeing familiar faces from other days, other breaks.
A couple of the shots are of PNWK , he can claim them if he wants. Utah was surfing down the beach so I don't think I got him.

May 2003 - Tokeland, WA. Up fairly early and am in the water a little after 8:00AM to try to catch slack.  I find out my current tables suck and it's already been slack and it's starting to flood.  BUT, the inside peak is breaking sweet!  I'm terrible at guessing heights so maybe PNWK will call it. Anyway, it was breaking both ways, jacking fast and hollow going right, longer and mushy going left.  Everyone (about 12 guys) was going right and scoring nice waves.  No skill kook that I am, I hung just inside and picked up the mushy lefts.  Did four or five laps** catching three decent waves(for me) then hit the kiddy pool in the upper groyne with the other beginner kooks.  Ditched the longboard for something shorter and caught a few waist to chest peelers and a shitload of closeouts. Got out and shot a few pics as an afterthought. By that time the tide was up, the main peak had mushed and the current was ripping. I should have taken photos before I surfed but the current window is so short, kookeauxing comes first.  Chatted with fellow AS'er PNWK for a bit then headed home.

PNWK says: went today at least i got me memories i'd say sat was a nice 3' with some 4' sets in the morn  its too bad the tide starting pullin  i figured when i couldnt get to the peak after a handfull of nice
ones it was time the afternoon slack when the tide filled in was very fun got more than my fair share then what is that? the left right in front off the rb groin was standing up pretty good when the big whitewater sets would back off then pit on the rocks it actually got open its too bad you didnt stick around.

August 2005 - La Jolla Reefs.
visited the arena and tracked down BA
Hat and the typical LJ greeting
was a givaway

with certainty
i can tell ya

It's was very crowded
there were too many combatants in the arena
where every wave is a party wave

the water's always polluted
at least with outta towners

the waves sucked
so bad i waited till next morning
so they sucked even more

and the hostility the locals kept giving me
were coor lights when i knew they were holding heines

i want my points
i earnt em

thank you very much

Lex Brodie
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