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Close Encounters of
A New England Waverider
Rhode Island/Mass.

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"Which posters to alt.surfing have you met, surfed, or tripped with, where and when?"
yeah baby, yeah baby, yeah baby, yeah baby. I FINALLY had a pretty good productive surf session. And i got to do it with fellow east coaster, alt.surfer KR!!!!!! i went right from work and was in the water by 8a. high tide but waves were not breaking right on the beach. waves were mostly THICK waist to stoamch with an occasional chest high. water was around 65 and I am still trunkin' it. LOTS of waves coming through. about 20 plus guys and a few gals out. i was having some trouble early on and with the incredibly wise a perceptive KR's advice, i started doing a bit better. When I finally got a good ride, I was yelling..."KRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR" it was a blast. he got to see me go back side and frontside both, so i was representin' ok. He was catching everything in sight making it look so easy:-) I finally got out about 11am because my arms were beat. But I tell you this, it was ONE HELL OF A DAY TO BE A SURFER IN RI, USA! 

Big Daddy K.....Andrew Kutras.......... he was incredibly helpful and supportive of my quest to become a surfer from the get go in this group. We began emailing each other and I flew out to California last November for a surf trip. He picked me up at the airport and drove me back and forth to the beach everyday. After 2 days of hanging out, I stayed with his family for the next 3 days. Really nice wife and kids, they were all great.......thanks again, Andrew. 

"Are you Todd?" these were were spoken to me recently by John Webster while sitting outside waiting for waves. That was a fun experience. 

"you must be Todd".....first words Doc said to me when I stopped by his shop on Cape Cod in July 1999. Took my 9 yo nephew with me then and took my 15yo surfing nephew a week later..... thanks for all the help Doc. 

Rick Bates, the other "old" guy on Doc's site, was there when I met Doc, he posts here sometimes as well. 

Meeting the Guidos: Yep. It's true. Here is the scenario. I left Mass at 9am.....drove 3&1/2 hrs to NY and picked up my friend and her 2 kids..drove another 1.5Hrs... So I see these 2 guys surfing and I yelled...."Mark"........and sure enough it was Mark and Homefront! They came over and we went out for a surf session. It was so cool to be surfing in New Jersey and surfing with two fellow alt.surfers. We all even got up on the same wave. Later, the third guy of team Guido was watching, pone1pesos....... 

Really, you guys, thanks for hooking up with me....you are all great guys and I really look forward to surfing with all of you again....... 

Month/Year?  Surfed with Craig K and Bruce Weaver (same trip - pic anywhere?)

GuidoPalooza 2001 (Oct 2001).  Surfed with Rod Rodgers, Andy Woodard, Neal Carver, KC, Edmond, Ferg, Dee Dee.  Met Foon, SurfSarge, SteveM and Myroni.  See the GP2K1 Trip Reports and a pic of Todd surveying the scene at Frisco Pier (and talking nurse chop with Svetlana).

Month/Year?  Surfed with John Webster. (yeah.... ).

Preciousssss AS Longboard - we did it!!!!!!!! - May 11, 2006. hooked up with johnw this morning! some basic pics to follow. he paddled out and rode it in knee/thighish waves at a semi-secret ri spot:-) i suited up but it was dead low tide and being a cobblestone reef, i was unale to tolerate the pain in my feet on the rocks[neuropathy} oh well, i tried.

it was good seeing you johnw, as always. naysayers, i want an apology. i told you it would get done and  i happily sent it on its way today!

looking forward to many pics and stories in the future. once again and always, thanks to paul richardson for the original donation of the board. i signe it off as..... the paul richardson traveling alt.surfing board:-).............. todd. 

Todd is quoted in The Spokesman-Review (Spokane, WA) December 19, 1999, Sunday:
"Solstice-planning is also in high gear on the forum alt.surfing. One person urged others to make the solstice a moonlight ceremony of global surfing: 'It is a rare opportunity for us to all be united in the sea, in different parts of the world. What do you guys and gals think?' "

Todd's questions and answers interview with a nursing journal on surfing nurses.

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Rick Bates
Andrew Kutras
Bruce Weaver
Craig Kemnitz
John Webster
Preciousssss AS Longboard
Andy Woodard
Dee Dee
KC Filer
Neal Carver
Rod Rodgers
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