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Close Encounters of
Steve Lange
Rincon Longboarder
Santa Barbara, California

Home page:  Santa Barbara Surf Implement

"Which posters to alt.surfing have you met, surfed, or tripped with, where and when?"

AS/ASL people I've met

B_K (@ the WarZone in SanO--he put a BK Boards sticker on my truck, do i get a bonus point, especially considering as he rarely surfs?)

Sunash (The Dale Davis Retrospective @ NeoN's)

Son of Sunash (The Dale Davis Retrospective @ NeoN's)

mike (The Dale Davis Retrospective @ NeoN's)

Craig Kemnitz (Would've surfed with him but he was passed out in the WarZone at SanO)

Dan "Crag T. Bagger" King (@ the WarZone in SanO)

AS/ASL people I've met & surfed with

Tim Maddux (surfed with him @ Rincon, north of Pt. Conception)

Robert "SurferBob" Taylor (surfed with him @ Rincon)

Will Borgeson (surfed with him @ Haskell's)

NeoN (surfed with him @ Rincon and SanO)

Keith Elliot (surfed with him @ Rincon)

Tower7 (surfed with him @ Malibu and Sunset)

Jay (surfed with him @ Rincon)

Malcolm Gault-Williams (surfed with him @ Rincon)

Wardog (surfed with him north of Pt. Conception)

AS/ASL people I've surf tripped with

I haven't gone on an overnight surf trip with any AS/ASL'ers yet.
(Although I have spent the night at NeoN's, which is a trip in itself)

Have Fun,
Steve Lange

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AS Points Log:  I have...
... met the following ASers ...surfed with these ASers ...traveled with these ASers
Craig Kemnitz
Dan "Crag T. Bagger" King
Son of Sunash
Keith Elliot
Malcolm Gault-Williams 
Robert "SurferBob" Taylor
Tim Maddux
Will Borgeson
6 x 1 point = 9 x 2 points = 0 x 3 points =
6 points 18 points 0 points

Point totals: 24

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