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Close Encounters of
Scott Woodling
Delaware-Maryland Bodyboarder
Greater Baltimore, MD 

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"Which posters to alt.surfing have you met, surfed, or tripped with, where and when?"
10/7/2000 - No surf in OC, so the majority of this Sunday was spent on the Balcony of the FoonBunker with Foon (oddly enough), lunch, several Coronas, and much conversation.  I had officially introduced myself to Foon one time before, but that was on the beach at the start of a thunderstorm, so that visit
didn't last long.

WSD 2001 - Northside Park Cleanup - Fresh out of of ACL reconstruction, I wasn't getting wet even if there was surf, but there wasn't anyway, so Foon and I participated in a OC Surfrider sponsored cleanup.  We showed up at the appointed site on a beautiful sunny, pleasantly warm morning to brave the stupidity and unconscionable neglect of tourons who use and abuse the OC Northside Park. 

(Ken Wood had a pic of Foon and myself up at his ocwaves page on the "Surf News" page, but I looked for it again and he doesn't have the "past surf news" pages up anymore.)

6/2/2001 - Glendapalooza - In short order the guests showed up (Hosts KC Filer & Lana, Rod Rodgers & Beth, Foon, Glenda, Scott W & wife Sheila). Glenda was welcomed heartily to the East Coast by the MidAtlantic Chapter of AS. The champagne flowed, the groaning board of perfectly prepared delicacies seemed to go for miles. Laughter, music and good company prevailed. Even the weather cooperated with sunny clear skys.  It was one of AS's finest hours. Don't you wish you were there?

Too many tidbits, comments, jokes, revealing stories, and dish about AS were offered up at this repast.  Without a doubt this was one of the best AS gatherings I've ever attended. Glenda was given the best treatment AS could offer....and a T-shirt.  [see pics here

9/17/2001 - Santa & His Elves in Orioleland - [see Rod's posting.] 

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Bruce "Snake" Gabrielson
Glenda "gg" Carroll
KC Filer
Neal Carver
Rod Rodgers
Tom Keener
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