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Close Encounters of
Nick Palmer

South Bay Shortboarder
Manhattan Beach, CA

(This pic is a little old, in that I now have really short hair.)

"Which posters to alt.surfing have you met, surfed, or tripped with, where and when?"
I usually ride a 6'10 Tom Stanton shortboard.  I've got a 7'6 Stanton gun for the big stuff, and 7'2 hybrid for small summer waves.  I'm orignally from Lexington, MA.
April 2003 - I finally met up with another alt.surfing surfer, Mr. Jose Borrero. We had agreed to meet on Saturday morning at one of the spots I frequent. So I went out at the agreed upon time and there was nobody around who matched the Jose's description - a faded yellow wetsuit.  Well I thought that he couldn't make it, or something else came up so I just went out surfing because the waves were super fun. When I got home and checked my email I saw one from Jose from late Friday night saying that he might have the SARS and wouldn't be coming, but that he might try and come Sunday.  So Sunday I got up and checked the waves at the agreed spot and they looked ok, but I thought I might check some places further north, so I did a quick drive up north and saw nothing to interesting, so I headed back south and check the first spot again and it looked good so I decided to go for it.  As I was walking down to the water, I noticed a single fin board leaning up against the life guard tower. Jose had said that he might be riding a single fin.  I looked in the water, and there a bunch of longboarders north who were floundering around, and more longboarders to south also floundering, and there was one shortboarder straight out - but he wasn't wearing a yellow wet suit.  As I was stretching this shortboarder caught a nice wave and thru a couple of of nice turns.  So I jumped in the water and paddled out just a little up from this shortboarder, not wanting to get in his space.  We each caught a wave or so, and I asked this shortboarder if he knew whose single fin board that was leaning up against the tower.  He said it was his, and then I asked are you Jose ?  while has asked if I was Nick.  So after that we surfed for almost two hours and then the wind changed to onshore, so we both went in.


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