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Close Encounters of
Neal Carver
DelMar Waverider
Crofton, Maryland

Home page:  Annapolis Surf Club

"Which posters to alt.surfing have you met, surfed, or tripped with, where and when?"
My First Encounters - August 2001.  Ok I guess I should get on the score board since some ASers have taken credit for encounters with me.  In August 2001, I met and surfed with KC, Rod, and
Foon.  Not only did we share waves, but Foon and I almost became blood brothers when his leg was sliced open on my fin.

I have also been surfing with Bruce Gabrielson for about a year now.  I don't know if Kirk Mantay has posted on Alt.Surfing yet, but I noticed that Foon took credit for surfing with him.  Mantay and I have also surfed together on several occasions and daytrip together.

2001-08-25 - Luau at Bruce 'da Snake' Gabrielson's.  [see pic here and Bruce 's story w/pics.]

9/17/2001 - Santa & His Elves in Orioleland - [see Rod's posting.] 

GuidoPalooza 2001 (Oct 6-10, 2001).  My report is posted on the GP2K1 page - click here. This year's GP trippers included KC Filer, Sarge, Foon, DeeDee, Andy Woodard, Todd, John Ferguson, Edmund, Neal Carver, Myron, SteveM and Rod Rodgers.  Non-ASer guests included KC's wife, Svetlana, and Ferg's pup, Lucy.  See the GP2K1 Trip Reports and Pics and a pic of (most of) the group in the Tranquility Base GP station.

GuidoPalooza 2002 (Sept 2002).  A great time was had by all. New trippers included Dan King and Kirk Mantay.  See the GP stories at the GP2K2 Stories and Pics page.

GuidoPalooza 2003 (Sept 2003).  Three days of amazing surf.  The waves were consistantly 8 to 10 feet in Avon.  Occasionally a sneaker would come through at 12 or so.  One of the guys at the GP house caught one.  See the GP stories at at the GP2K3 page.]

GuidoPalooza 2004 (Sept 11-16, 2005). This year's GP trippers included Craig Kemnitz, Edmund,  Foon, KC Filer, Kirk Mantay, Neal Carver, Rick Miale and Rod. See the GP2K4 Trip Reports and Pics.

GuidoPalooza 2005 (Sept 10-17, 2005). This year's GP trippers included KC Filer, Neal Carver, Myron, DaGriz, Rick Miale, PaipoJim, Rod and Tom Duncan. Non-ASer guests included the wives of KC,  Rod and Tom Duncan. See the GP2K5 Trip Reports and Pics and a pic of several in the group. During GP-Extended, PaipoJim and Rod drove down to the DelMarVa before sunrise, surfed Assateague, and then went over and shared stories and refreshments at the FoonBunker. The next day PaipoJim and Rod caught waves in mid-Ocean City, along with fellow-GP'er Gile Cook, continuing the Ophelia Fest started down on the OBX.

AS Points Log:  I have...
... met the following ASers ...surfed with these ASers ...traveled with these ASers
Craig Kemnitz
Scott Woodling
Tom Keener
Bruce "Snake" Gabrielson Andy Woodard
Dan "Crag" King
Drew "DaGriz" Hazzlerigg
John Ferguson
KC Filer
Kirk "Weekday" Mantay
Rick Miale
Rod Rodgers
Tom 'td" Duncan
3 x 1 point = 1 x 2 points = 17 x 3 points =
3 points 2 points 48 points

Point totals: 53

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