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Close Encounters of
C. Myron Ware
Newport News, Virginia


Myroni at GuidoPalooza 2000

"Which posters to alt.surfing have you met, surfed, or tripped with, where and when?"
On a recent trip to Florida (July 2002), I met up with Flek and we hung out looking for waves in his neck of the swamps.  When we found nothing ridable, we played some XBox as his place until dinnertime when we and his wife met up with Jane Moody and her daughter at Da Kine Diego's.  It's an excellent
al-fresco burrito bar and anything on the menu is worth eating.  Try any of the variety of salsa choices they have at the counter!

Everyone else I've hooked up with has been a Guidopalooza attendee, so all the water-contacts are also my Travel-contacts!  At the first and all-time-most-classic GP99, I met up with SteveM at the Va/NC Border Station and we had a caravan to Buxton for a surf.  Then it was off to the Gen Mitchell to find the other three out in the water enjoying the shoulder high peelers.  Highlights include the constant rippable surf, dropping in on Mark (I really didn't see you coming from behind the section!), snakebites with Foon while talking story, and the Inaugural signing of the banner.  Getting pummeled playing foosball at the Sand Bar across the street goes into the 'unmentionables' catagory.

Next year's GP at the Tory's House location found myself picking up Foon's vehicle at the I-64/664 split in Hampton and we drove straight to the house to unload our vehicles and then we climbed into the Scout to find the rest of the crew at the Jetty.  I retrieved the Blue Whale board from Nancy for cousins in NY, and then we all (Nancy, Flek, Foon, KC, Svet, etc) went in for a session.  The highlight of the weekend was watching a videotape of a certain unnamed A.S. individual 'charge' waves in a tropical
locale.  Of course, the only charging I saw happening was his face charging into the trough.  Much laughter ensued.

The GP2K1 event was held in an even more posh setting, and I met up with the regular GP attendees at the house early and KC and I paddled out across the street to play in the small waves before everyone else arrived.  There were new faces to associate with names, and many quality meals to eat that had been prepared by the assorted chefs.  There is no way someone can go hungry unless that person happens to sleep through a meal, and even then there's food to go around.  The waves weren't as cooperative this time, but that didn't dampen the spirit of the occasion.


GuidoPalooza 2002.  Didn't spend the night but did go surfing with newcomers Dan King and Kirk Mantay.  See the GP stories at the GP2K2 Stories and Pics page.

GuidoPalooza 2003.  Spent two nights at the House this year and surfed with newcomer DaGriz.  See the GP stories at the GP2K2 Stories and Pics page.

GuidoPalooza 2004 (Sept 11-16, 2004). This year's GP trippers included Craig Kemnitz, Edmund,  Foon, KC Filer, Kirk Mantay, Myroni, Neal Carver, Rick Miale and SteveM. See the GP2K4 Trip Reports and Pics .

GuidoPalooza 2005 (Sept 10-17, 2005). This year's GP trippers included KC Filer, Neal Carver, Myron, DaGriz, Rick Miale, Tom Duncan and PaipoJim. Non-ASer guests included the wives of KC,  Tom Duncan and me.  See the GP2K5 Trip Reports and Pics and a pic of several in the group.  Missed PaipoJim by a day.

AS Points Log:  I have...
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Jane Moody Dan King
Kirk Mantay
Andy Woodard
Craig Kemnitz
Drew "DaGriz" Hazzlerigg
John Ferguson
KC Filer
M@rk Sisom (Guido)
Nancy Schultz (1Surfergirl)
Neal "Right Coast" Carver
Rick Miale
Rico Bates
Rod Rodgers
Tom "td" Duncan
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