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Close Encounters of
Mark Sisom
New Jersey

Homepage:  Mark's Secret Spot

"Which posters to alt.surfing have you met, surfed, or tripped with, where and when?"
Pone1Pesos, Homefrunt, and Bngby (SurfSargant): I pretty much went to school with them and knew them way before we ever posted. 

Homefrunt, Pone1pesos, and myself all met Todd at a beach about 5 minute car ride south of my house in Spring Lake in July of 1999. Pone1 showed up as we were about to leave. Waves: knee high longboardables but fun enough to get out there in the clean 72 degree water and do some silly shit on my 10'6" log of a board. Todd of course, had a blast. Can we expect any less of this guy? Remember those times when you are first learning and you are incredibly charged when you hit the next level and surf both ways just as well? Well Todd has that kinda stoke burning in him 24-7! The three of us tried each others longboards out there and and had fun on each. 

At Hatteras, during the Fall 1999 inaugural "Guidopalooza," I met/surfed/tripped for the first time with: 
C. Myron Ware, Foon, Steve M, and also tripped with SurfSargant for the first time. 

Picked up "SurfGeo" at Newark Intl and after finally completing our intial greetings proceed onto the always fast pace NJ Turnpike towards the GS Parkway South. As we speed off the ramp onto Tnpk my new homeboy pulls out two mini bottles of wine. Guzzle guzzle drive drive downtheshaw we went, conversing about everything from AS(duh) to surfing to family etc as fast we were traveling.  VERY interesting way to meet an ASer. I had this feeling we were gonna have a good time over the weekend right off the bat, knowing there'd be 'some waves... http://www.altsurfing.org/markstemp/laborday/
...and that the basist of my band was throwing a bash. He was also learned at that party what a "blunt" was  <lol> ;-)

Needless to say, we had a great time, and inevitably ended up traveling to Panama together since. 
Great friend and a person you want traveling with you.  I don't care what you bozos say, he's alright in my book!

The Panamasolas Trip (June 2000):  Ferg, Gioni, JB, Egosurf, and Doc.  For more of the story on the Panama Trip see SurfGeo's webpage for pics and stories.

During the 2nd Annual GuidoPalooza (GP2K), I met/surfed/tripped with for the first time:
    Rod Rodgers, Flek , Nancy Schultz, Edmund, and KC (Kevin Filer)

.....Last winter (Dec. 28, 2000), I also met LJS Wahine (Lisa) in NYC for dinner with a bunch of other ASers (Craig Kemnitz and his wife Gail and 1Surfergirl (Nancy Schultz).  We had a wonderful Cuban meal (quite tasty--mas cervezas, por favor...

I've also met Qualeudian, Mike Caroselli, Dug Klee, and surfed with RedAshton.

Mark push started Tom Keener on his way out this a.m. (9/17/01) Mon.....He really didn't want to
leave after we turned him onto some of Jerseys finest pizza,chicks and waves and other things I won't mention.. =) (SurfSarge)

Bruce Weaver (BTW) and I met up at one of my gigs at the Ocean Mist in Rhode Island.

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AS Points Log:  I have...
... met the following ASers ...surfed with these ASers ...traveled with these ASers
Dug Klee
LJSWahine (Lisa)
Mike Caroselli
Tom Keener
C. Myron Ware 
Craig Kemnitz
Gioni "g" Pasquinelli
John "Ferg" Ferguson
KC Filer
Nancy Schultz
Rod "rodNDtube" Rodgers
Steve M
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