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Close Encounters of
John "the urchin" Webster (jw)
Narragansett waverider
Providence, Rhode Island

Homepage:  Urchin.Net


"Which posters to alt.surfing have you met, surfed, or tripped with, where and when?"
I've paid Doc a few visits at his shop on the Cape, where he sketched and explained some of his invention ideas.  We have traded some stories and "shot the shit" a few times. He also expertly finished off a ding-repair job on my 6'8".  The last time I saw him out there, I had just pulled the ol' get out of the water after a sesh and in wave-induced stupor leave wallet on roof of car after changing and then drive away. Doc took pity on me and spotted me gas money so I could get home.  I still owe him a couple of ales or hard ciders for that one.  The day after I got back to Boston the Wellfleet PD called and said they had my wallet. I drove back to the Cape and the next morning serendipitously scored head-high waves at Coast Guard Beach.

I also surfed in very small RI waves with that friendly, funny giant teddy bear of stoke ...Todd......!!  We shared a few thigh-high waves and traded boards for a couple rides.  His 4-inch thick epoxy longboard is quite floaty.  I'm sure we'll see each other in RI many times and I look forward to seeing him drop in on his first head-high glassy peak and shoot down the line. I'll be hootin him for sure!

I met KR and Todd after a morning dawn patrol at Narrangansett Town Beach.  Todd was going in as I was getting out.  I chatted with KR and Todd in the parking lot for a few minutes. Todd was trying to talk me into paddling back out, but my arms were pretty spent. I figured I'd post before Todd starts talking about how I wimped out of a surf with two alt.surfers, but I probably got more waves than the two of them combined, while they were till asleep in their warm beds. ;-)

We only have a small number of regular posters in New England.  One others I can think of is sometime poster Henry/Skeggs007, a Newport surfer. Limited point potential here.

Although I hope to head south to Hatteras in the fall, probably October, after purchasing a more reliable and bigger vehicle, so there may be some points there.

Bruce Weaver (BTW) had recently moved to the Rhode Island area from Florida.  I knew what kind of car he had, and knew he'd also be surfing on a very questionable Nov. swell, but we didn't have plans to meet, only to keep an eye out for each other's cars. Turns out we bumped into each other at the
wrong spot for the conditions since it was about 40 kt. side-shore wind and the chest-high waves were more spray than wave. (We later met a friend of mine at Point Judith, which was firing head-high and clean, but I had to get home to work, aauugh!...BTW paddled out and probably had a pretty good

Upgrading some previous points, I had already met KR in the parking lot after surfing at Narragansett Town Beach, but then I ran into him in the lineup on a micro day the next spring.  It was a beautiful day, but the waves were so small (calf-high) they weren't worth it.  We both were in the water anyway, since we were there.

The other points I haven't yet tallied are with my surfing bud John Kim, who posts to alt.surfing only a few times per year, but qualifies as an AS'er based on the rules.  We took a surfing/camping trip out to Cape Cod one October a couple of years ago at a 4WD only accessible spot, and scored perfect overhead glass for about an hour before dark.  We have also surfed a few times together since in RI.

Preciousssss AS Longboard - I Have The Board - Thu, May 11, 2006.
Date: May 11, 2006
Place: RI, US
Air: 52F (18C?)
Water: 49F (17C?)
Wind: up to 15 kts. from the ENE
Sky: gray
Precip: slight drizzle at times
Waves: occasional barely waist high drop, tapering to thigh-high lines
Rating: Waves had some decent shape to them, but overall, poor conditions, with quite a bit of surface chop, but rideable on a longboard... wouldn't have normally paddled out, but did so for a good cause.

Nota bene: We didn't get pix of me surfing the board. Todd had my camera and he was on the shore while I surfed, but... no pix. I may take it out once more just to get pix of me surfing it, before handing it off to Mike G... I have plenty of boards of my own, but it's an important part of the process.

Todd and I got out on the board today in little barely waist-high chop. Waves certainly could have been a lot better, but it was rideable on a longboard.

I got a few waves on it, it's a very easy wave-catcher (and rider). Cheated up to the nose on a couple bumpy thigh-high "walls." Nice, board, Paul, and fin. I have a shorter Becker longboard, the Fugitive. Yours is back in the bag, Todd stored it carefully and safely. I got a couple waves on my 9'6" Hansen today, as well. We were only out for about a half hour.

Anyway, we got some pix, signed the board and it's sitting here in Rhode Island. Mike G. you might be next.

Thanks Todd (and all the donors)! You got it done, as I always knew you would in the end. Good to see you again, young man!  :)

Now, it's godspeed to the board and global AS'ers who ride it. Look forward to tracking it and reading about it here.


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The Precioussss AS Longboard.

John Webster Hands Off The Precious Longboard to MikeG - August 16, 2006. I surfed with MikeG during today's handoff of the board. Thanks, and enjoy the board! I developed a love-hate relationship with it, as I think everyone has. But sure enough, no sooner do I move it along, and the tropics start to light up!  :)  Also see the The Precioussss AS Longboard page.

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KR (Kent Ramsey)
Preciousssss AS Longboard
John Kim
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