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Close Encounters of
Herb Silio

"Which posters to alt.surfing have you met, surfed, or tripped with, where and when?"

First AS Close Encounter in the Flesh?  First AS Close Encounter Surfing Trip?  Maybe.

Ferg and Herb AS Trip to Costa Rica, xxxx 1997.  Ferg noted in his AS report, "Herb was the first ASer I had met in the flesh."  Herb continues:

No pun intended I hope LOL!!

Good trip that one was [to Herb's family villa in Costa Rica]. And to all here, Ferg is an outstanding traveler. Actually didn't mind Steve (aka "The Phantom of the Opera"), he was rather "interesting." Haven't been back to the villa in two seasons. Last year I became a dad, and this year I am broke. We did do some extensive work on the Villa since you were there. As you may remember Ferg, you helped out with the wiring, which by the way was excellent. The following season I ordered security bars all around and painted it Key West style (um... also no pun intended). The place is a doll house now. It's located just on the north side of the mountain the seperates Herradura from the Tarcoles river on the edges of a natural preserve called Corcovado. Beautiful, but extremely loud Macaws visit the property evry morning. Some surf there as I have learned at the mouth of the river, but between the rather large debris and crocs I opt for the more crowded venues of Barranca, Herradura, Escondido, and Remoreso.  [That was about 6 years ago (1997).]

Oct. 5, 1999 - At the Mercado with Sponge. Me and the Sponge hung for an afternoon -- a visit to the mercado or something like that -- Sponge wrote it up here

July, 2014 - Central Pacific Coast of Costa Rica. Met up with @lex and his family. Something about selling 4 surfboards, or something. 

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@lex Megret
Neal "Sponge" Miyake

John Ferguson
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