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Close Encounters of
Glenda "gg" Carroll
San Francisco, CA


"Which posters to alt.surfing have you met, surfed, or tripped with, where and when?"

Sunday, Aug. 12, 2001.  I think Tim Maddux and I have an alt.surfing first.  Negative A.S
points.  We were supposed to meet by the condos at C St, Ventura on Sunday morning.  We were both there from 7 to 7:30 am, parked in the same small parking lot.  Did we find each other?  Noooo.

I'm sure I walked by him at least once; and he probably drove by me at least once; but neither of us recognized the other. 

So does this mean we get points subtracted or maybe we should get half points for good intentions.  How is this non-meeting classified?

Håvard N. Jakobsen suggests:
That's a near miss.  The points are calculated by this formula:
0.01 * (100 yards - approx. smallest seperation distance) points.

-- Håvard N. Jakobsen, Newsgroups: alt.surfing
Subject: Re: Negative Alt.Surfing points
Date: Wed, 15 Aug 2001 00:10:40 +0200

August 2001.  The first morning Gamivia hit Ocean Beach with Dave, Gioni, Lloyd, and Jeff, I
showed up fashionably late (was the second day of school and I had to make sure that my son got where he was supposed to be).  I pulled up next to Dave's van, hurried into my wetsuit and had one of the easiest paddleouts at Ocean Beach that I can remember.

Dave had called earlier to tell me where they would be and said, "dress warm." Nothing can be as cold as Ocean Beach, sometimes.  But even though it was windy, grey and damp standing in the parking lot, the water wasn't all that cold.

This was going to be just a "hi, glad to meet you" surf.  I couldn't stay but about 20 minutes.

"Who's Gamivia?" I said to no one in particular when I reached the group.  "I'm Gam," said a voice off to my side, sitting on his board.  I paddled over and introduced myself and met Jeff, too.

At this point, I went into photog mode (saying that I didn't plan on doing a Neal and sitting right where the wave was going to break).  I actually felt like one of those ladies from a 1940s movie...the ones at high class restaurants that walk around taking pictures of well-heeled customers enjoying their dinner.

Anyway, I posted those pictures with my pacificwaverider.com column.  You'll recognize the writing...it's Dave Blake's post about the seal.

First pic:  Dave in the hood and Gioni
Second pic:  (l. to r.)  Dave, Gamivia, Jeff
Third pic:  Gam and me (Blame Gioni because the last one is so fuzzy.  He tried to clean/dry the lens with his thumb before taking it)
[need the pics]

AS Party at Tom Keener's - March 2003. "That's right - it's party time. Alt.surfing's Drew and Glenda are visiting SoCal, so we've got to have a party." ~TK.  Pic posted at Joanne's site:  Pic 1 and Pic 2

What a friendly bunch!  Glad I got a chance to spend some time with all of you, Tom Keener, Joanne VanMeter, Tom Tweed, two shoes, Drew (from the longhorn state) and the unforgettable Bill Andrews who showed up at a party with videos he took in the 60's.  Truely a memorable evening.

[BA isn't listed on the Close Encounters pages, but his reply to Glenda follows:

Glenda -

Great meeting you, and wow, you're such a babe!  Usually when hotties reference "the unforgettable Bill Andrews," my experience has taught me that I have violated a number of moral and / or social values of some type(s).  I knew that I should have started apologizing for my future behavior
before I even walked through the door, and, I should have left my WindanSea mind set, and draining sinus, in the parking lot, and not at Keener's!  It was a nice party, though -  I promise to be a completely different person next time, maybe I can be Driftkook, on shore leave.]

Yellow Bamboo Power in San Diego - July 2004. The evidence is pictured here.

Other Items of Interest
www.pacificwaverider.com, where Glenda is a regular contributing columnist .

AS Points Log:  I have...
... met the following ASers ...surfed with these ASers ...traveled with these ASers
Drew "DaGriz"
Jose Borrerro
KC Filer
Rod Rodgers
Scott Woodling
Tom Tweed
Bill Andrews
Dave Blake
Gamivia Duke
Gioni Pasquinelli
Jeff Kaplan
Joanne VanMeter
Lloyd Pollock
Tom Keener
7 x 1 point = 8 x 2 points = 0 x 3 points =
7 points 16 points 0 points

Pointaltsurfing.org totals:  23 + (0.01 * (100yards - approx. smallest separation distance to Maddux))

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