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Close Encounters of
Great Lakes Surfer
Kent, OH

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"Which posters to alt.surfing have you met, surfed, or tripped with, where and when?"
GuidoPalooza 2000 (GP2K - 9/2000).  My first and to date only encounters with ASer's occured during GP2K, of which many tales have already been told. The first early morning surf session included Nancy Schultz, Flek, and KC and Svetlana Filer.  Later water encounters included Foon, Rod Rodgers, Myron and SteveM. Also during the weekend I met the following, but didn't spend any water time with them. Mark Sisom, SurfSarge, Rico Bates and for some reason I never surfed with Craig Kemnitz during GP2K as it seemed he was always either going to get food, or coming back from getting food. But since all these encounters are in the category of ...traveled with these ASers the points are racking up for me.

[OK, edmund, since you're from the Great Lakes and you're coming to GP2K1 we'll let you slide... but you better damn sure get some water time with these guys THIS time.  P.S.  You and Jason probably put in more water time per day than anyone elseAS Points Judge, Rod Rodgers]

GuidoPalooza 2001 (Oct 6-10, 2001).  My report is posted on the GP2K1 page - click here. This year's GP trippers included KC Filer, Sarge, Foon, DeeDee, Andy Woodard, Todd, John Ferguson, Edmund, Neal Carver, Myron, SteveM and Rod Rodgers.  Non-ASer guests included KC's wife, Svetlana, and Ferg's pup, Lucy.  See the GP2K1 Trip Reports and Pics and a pic of (most of) the group in the Tranquility Base GP station.

John Hermesman in Ohio (Aug 15, 2002). Hey I got another as point last night!  John Hermesman's parents live two towns away from me, and he was in town visiting. He came down and we went out and had a few brews (he had Mike's Hard Lemonade, uuggh!). Very interesting person.

GuidoPalooza 2003 (Sept 13-15, 2003).  My report is posted at the GP2K3 page. Surfed with newcomer DaGriz.

Other Items of Interest.
Edmund becomes an AS famous  "cover boy" on
the Cleveland Plain-Dealer, Saturday, November 23, 2002.
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AS Points Log:  I have...
... met the following ASers ...surfed with these ASers ...traveled with these ASers
John Hermesman   Andy Woodard
Craig Kemnitz
Drew "DaGriz" Hazzlerigg
John Ferguson
KC Filer
M@rk Sisom (Guido)
Nancy Schultz (1Surfergirl)
Neal "Right Coast" Carver
Rico Bates
Rod Rodgers
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1 points 0 points 51 points

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