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Close Encounters of
Cape Cod Kneeboarder

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"Which posters to alt.surfing have you met, surfed, or tripped with, where and when?"
Have met 

Rico - (hey, he lives just down the road from me) - surfed with him for years.... might even have saved his ass one time, before leashes... El Roca (the mystery man of the Northeast )... Craig Kemnitz...well, who hasn't met Craig...

And:  Tony Puleo, Todd, and John Webster

Tripped with (as in surf trip, not to be confused with...... ) on the PanamASolas trip Ferg, Surfgeo, Mark, JB, Eric Egosurf, Tim Holt, Gioni and Clay... and surfed with Daniel Neris (infrequent poster, Brazilian guy) on the Panama trip.... along with Steve (surfgun) Thompson plus a couple of new England guys whose names escape me.... (but see a pic of the AS crew and a link to the picture story at SurgGeo's site).

more to come, as I ain't dead yet......

I Have Been Fortunate (August 31, 2002):  In the ASers it has been my pleasure to meet. In no particular order, David, Tommy, John, M@rk, G, Tony, many more.Friends I have made that are gonna go on for the rest of my days. I don't do a hell of a lot of original posts, mostly replies....so pay
attention to this one.  I have to conclude we're, essentially, a pretty good bunch..... well, give or take the San-O posers who have this ugly Catholic Priest-like issue amongst them. Buggery and fellaio.....well, lets not take that  any further.  Tonight was a delight. No fricking 'paloozza'....what I am gonna call the Cape Gathering. Labor Day. The end of the Gaht-damned summer. And a crew of AS and AS associated folks who it was a pleasure to see... or to meet for the first time.

In no particular order-

Ralph and Dianne...... You GP types will remember Raoul. Fun folks and smart as whips and the conversation was delightful.Missed you guys, good to see ya.

Roca..... well, what can I say? My mentor in photography and all the things he is.  And yes,I have freely stolen the Priest-Rabbi joke. Good ta se ya, bro. Soon, man. Move the dog over.

Rico and Lynne - founders of the feast and Rico does the best ribs this side of JCB ( we missed ya , Jose, next time definitely..... ) Lynne, thanks again for your tolerance.

Muchas gracias

And...new friends.

Distant Jones, Gavmia Duke, MV24FPS... interesting guy, and going to do the good work. Amigo, a pleasure to meet you and do come by any time you have the chance. Still looking for the sword......  I'll find that sucker if I have to forge it myself. And I will hook up with Commander Jill and get you the info.

Tim and Bettye....... A delight. Now that you know us, please, please don't be strangers. You two are interesting and good people, far better than simply nice. And when it gets good, Tim, I am gonna email yer ass ahead of time and get you down to this end of the sandspit where it gets good.

D2......who defines 'sweet'.  Thanks for all your kindness.You know the way now, don't forget it.

Okay, that's enough from me. Well, almost. S.- you are in serious danger of meeting these folks too, in a month, if you want.  [Also see the Tim Maddux's Rpt.]


Group picture marking the occasion.

Foon during the The Road to Foonsocket (OT&Long).

MikeG during his spearfishing trip.

Rod (and Foon during one of his trips to Cape Cod) in Doc Visits the Baltimore-Washington Mecca of Hot Surfing (April 2010).

AS Points Log:  I have...
... met the following ASers ...surfed with these ASers ...traveled with these ASers
Craig Kemnitz
Dee Dee
Gavmia Duke
John Webster
Tim Maddux
Tony Puleo
Rico Clay
Daniel Neris
Eric Egosurf
M@rk Sisom
Steve (surfgun) Thompson
Tim Holt
10 x 1 point = 1 x 2 points = 10 x 3 points =
10 points 2 points 30 points

Point totals:  42

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