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Close Encounters of
Bud Williams
North Shore Board Buster
Honolulu, HI

Homepage:  WaveLust.com - Bud's Surfing Life

"Which posters to alt.surfing have you met, surfed, or tripped with, where and when?"
When Alt.surfing's Chickapalooza roared into town, I was invited to hook up for a session with the all star cast--Sus, Glenda, and Jules. We all had exchanged a few emails about where/when/who. Unfortunately Neal couldn't make it this time. The ladies seemed a bit apprehensive about their first surf session on the North Shore, but small Laniakea was a piece of cake.

Neal and I surfed with the man under the hat (ref: Cam's AS crew page), Rod Rodgers on Wednesday. He's in town on business and the three of us managed to hook up for a quick afternoon session. It was just the three of us out... and I think we had fun with what little surf was available.

Neal M. (Oahu) aka Sponge, at least once a week for over a year so far.

Jeff Kaplan (SanFran) aka kdalle, twice, North Shore, when he visited Oahu last winter.

Mike G (East Coast) once, North Shore, when he visited Oahu last winter.

Craig K (Great Lakes) once, South Shore, when he visited Oahu two weeks ago.

Tom Duncan (Orange County, Southern California), November 2001.  Just wanted to say that fellow ASer's should go out of your way to hook up with td when given the chance... obviously a wave magnet in this dude. Good winds and good swellage for most of his stay. This guy was clearly stoked to be surfing the NS and looked right at home here. Held his own in solid surf and put in some serious water time up & down the coast. Doesn't hurt to have a lovely wife who seemed content to go where ever and hang for how ever long he wanted to surf, either....

Bud and Rod after a "Green Light -- 2/24/01 session" on Oahu's West Shore.

Tower7 - Ehukai Beach Park - Nov 3, 2002. Sponge, Makani, Davis (aka Tower7) and I surfed Ehukai Beach Park. The moderate swell never arrived, but we still had fun.  Here are some of Neal's
digital pics that he says didn't come out so good:  Mini-Backdoor, Pipette, Smeared Davis.

Met DZ the tsunami guy (Mar 2003) and his surfbud Chris this morning on the North Shore. The surf wasn't much to look at, but 6:50am no one out at Middles, one guy on the lefts, and every once in a while a nice one reeled across the reef, so we jumped in. Started off as mostly head high closeouts, 
increasing steadily to mostly well overhead closeouts. There were some good waves to be had and DZ was on top of those elusive ones, scoring some barrels and rippin it up.  Stoked to finally meet DZ, cool dude, with enviable world travel surf experiences. I be looking forward to several more surfs with him and Neal while he's here.

Tim Maddux Visits Oahu - June 2003.  Tim "Mad Dog" Maddux from the alt.surfing newsgroup was in town. Brother Rich, Sponge and I surfed at the Lighthouse. Sus also stopped by but did not get wet. See Neal's report, Mad Dog Maddux.

Good surfing to you,

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Craig K
Glenda Carroll
Jeff Kaplan
Jose "dos zapatos" Borrero
Mike G
Neal "Sponge" Miyake
Rich Williams
Rod Rodgers
Tim Maddux
Tom "tdsurf" Duncan 
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