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Close Encounters of
Bruno Turpin 
Brittany Beach Longboarder
Brittany, France

Home page:
The Bruno Turpin Surf Art: Surf and Painting [english]
Surf et Peinture [french]

"Which posters to alt.surfing have you met, surfed, or tripped with, where and when?"
Born in Granville in Cotentin, Bruno Turpin has the Ocean in genes with a marine father fishing Breton.

I started posting to alt.surfing towards the end 2000 or beginning 2001. And I like to share surf paintings with others surfers by post.

My first contact with an ASer, Ron Taylor, was by email.  Now (2002) for two years we email our session together each week and I think that he becomes for me important and one day I will go to Oz to meet him and surf together. His site is very powerfull surf spirit. I had some several mails from the "snake" Bruce Gabrielson. He is a nice guy, sure!!!  I had somes emails from @lex from the famous BSA Band.

And I finish by meeting Fafa in real life. Early last year (2001) he sent me an email.  Four months later we met together and we surfed all winter Brittany session together. It was famous : cold, windy, rainy and... friendly!!! In April from this year we surfed together the North Cotentin that was great too (on  a spot called by me the "Horse Shoes" photo of me). He is a good friend now, he is a soul surfer, a real soul surfer.

And I want to say that I like the atmosphere of AS and the ASer post.;-)  See you soon on AS.



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