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Close Encounters of
Ben Rak
Zvulun Beach/Marina Beach Local
Herzelia, Israel

Home page:  Surfing in Israel

*** I piss in my wetsuit ***

"Which posters to alt.surfing have you met, surfed, or tripped with, where and when?"
Anybody who I met out of Israel is a "travel" meeting...

1. John4surf - I met him in Israel (with his son) and I met him (and surfed with him) in San Diego.

2. Dan King - I met him and surfed with him in San Diego and I traveled (and surfed) with him in Baja.

3. TDsurf - Met and surfed with in San Diego.

4. Tower7 - Met and surfed with in San Diego.

5. George Barns - Met both in San Diego and at K-38.

6. Tom Keener - met and surfed with at San O'.

7. Tom Tweed - Met him in San Diego.

8. Joanne VanMeter - Met and surfed with in San Diego.

9. Rod Rodgers - Met and surfed with in San Diego.

10. Neon - Met and surfed with at San O'.

11. Mike Lietzow (just Mike) - met and surfed with in SD (Trails & PontoPalooza)

12. SDbchguy (Terry Hendricks) - met at PontoPalooza

13. John Hermesman - met at SanO

14. Bill Andrews (BA) - met at PontoPalooza

Best of waves and thanks!

AS Points Log:  I have...
... met the following ASers ...surfed with these ASers ...traveled with these ASers
Bill "Pink Bod" Andrews
John Hermesman
SDbchguy (Terry Hendricks)
Tom Tweed
George Barnes
Joanne VanMeter
Mike Lietzow
Rod Rodgers
Tom "TDsurf" Duncan
Tom Keener


Dan "Crag" King
4 x 1 point = 9 x 2 points = 1 x 3 points =
4 points 18 points 3 points

Point totals: 25

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