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Close Encounters of
Awe F'shore
Orange County, California

Homepage: Awe F'shore Photography

"Which posters to alt.surfing have you met, surfed, or tripped with, where and when?"
My first Close Encounters with AS'ers was...

September 2005 - Boost Mobile Pro Contest at Lower Trestles.  Met Lloyd "lp" Pollock and Unemployed Floyd "OBsurfr" at Lowers on September 16, 2005 for a photoshoot at the Boost Mobile Pro. Met up again with Lloyd "lp" Pollock and Unemployed Floyd "OBsurfr" on September 18, 2005 for another photoshoot at the Boost Mobile Final. OBsurfer take on the meeting, "Shot on Friday and Sunday. Good to meet Loyd Pollack and Awe. Great guys who took my verbal abuse quite well. Awe needs a haircut though."

October 2005 - surfgeo and cal;yforny.
Met Surfgeo at the HB Beer Company on October 6, 2005 and drank copious amounts of beer, scarfed seared ahi and fish tacos and talked story well into the evening. Yeah, too bad the swell didn't arrive a day earlier, but at least you got some on the last day out. HB  Beer Co. is now the official AS meeting place in Huntington - aside from the water that is. Good talking story with you last night Geo. Did you get accosted by any more hot babes on your way back to your digs? Looking forward to seeing your shots - was The Wedge working at all? I missed it all today - the beers and babes got me into party mode and I ended up pulling an all-nighter. Look me up next time you're out this way.

November 2005 - Mothers in Surfside (Huntington Beach, CA). Good downing a couple cold ones with Mike "Sully" Sullivan. That's interesting about Joe Josts, I always thought the one on Anaheim St. was the original. Cool - stoked you got some there. I spend many an evening catching a last wave there. I was down at Trestles catching it as it built all day Friday and Saturday - shooting the girls ripping it up, among others. Fun weekend surf - awesome weather, and clear water. Gotta love fall.

I gotta get my points straight...


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Mike "Sully" Sullivan
OBsurfer "kneed4speed" Barnes
Lloyd "lp" Pollock

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