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Close Encounters of
Alvin G. Donovan III
World Wide Waverider
Bali or West Palm Beach, FL

Home page: Unlock Your Power - Yellow Bamboo Association

Alvin Donovan and Robbie Page

"Which posters to alt.surfing have you met, surfed, or tripped with, where and when?"
Jan. 31, 2003 - My First Close Encounter of an Alt.Surfing Kind.  Okay today I met Arch who posts here. He owns the lost in the 60's surf shop i was just passing by and recognized the truck out front with the 60's sticker.

He was kinda busy but took out the time to talk to me. A *really* nice guy and super fit. He was very personable and friendly and I really appreciated him taking the time to talk with me.

Hope to see him again!


April 2003 - On Behalf of Alvin, as Posted by Robbie. Hello to the alt.surfing wankers.  Me and me best mate Alvin the big wave charger had this photo taken (see above) the other day after surfin a secret spot here on bali at 15 foot to show you cunts what we both think of you. We reckon you guys whose names are on this photo cannot even surf. You are just a bunch of wannabe surfers but real losers. This should make alvin a cert for the king of the surfing title for this year eh? Maybe he will get a big vote this year - like 39 people. Over and out.

- Robbie Page

Joanne VanMeter Finds Yellow Bamboo Power in Bali with Alvin - August 2004. Joanne and Alvin surfed a long left together intentionally and in front of his house together unintentionally (hey hadn't yet met). See the pic of Joanne, Alvin and CJ here.  JCV's video report for the Bali trip.

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