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Space Coast - June 13-16, 2008
featuring the
Waterman's Challenge
Special Event - Paipo Expression Session
Honoring Chris Harazda

L to R: Unknown with "Turtle" fiberglass paipo; a standing balsa paipo; Janet Harazda with a paipo fish;
 Rod Rodgers with an Austin fiberglass paipo;
Unknown with a balsa paipo and Namkai paipo fish;
John Hughes with a Dale Solomonson surf mat;
Unknown with a spoon kneeboard;
Jane Moody & Melody with a Hawaiian Paipo Designs; and Allison Cohen with a Romo quad fin kneeboard.

The Waterman's Challenge is a family oriented, grass roots, surf contest established to raise funds for the Cocoa Beach surf museum. A contest where camaraderie and the spirit of aloha is easy to spot and the kids walk away with smiles. This year the Cocoa Beach Surfing Museum added a paipo division honoring the memory of Chris (Tumak) Harazda.

Nose Styling

Waterman's Challenge Luau on Saturday Night

Friends and Pineapples
Boards and Tiki Life
Surf Music
Leigh & Brett on Right
Aloha Dancers

The Boys at the Luau

Rod, Southern Boy, Brett and Paddleboard Racer

Sunday at the Waterman's Challenge

Many Kinds of Boards All Weekend Long

Paipo Expression Session

Time to go out...
...and catch a few
Jan Harazda
The Line-Up
Allison Kneeboarding
Stand-up Bodyboarder

It was a great time this morning! I had met and ridden the waves with Tumak before but never met his wife, Janet, or dksnap (Allison). There must have been another half-dozen people that joined us out in the line-up for the "expression session" on a variety of wave riding devices ranging from surf mats to a Romanosky kneeboard, including the Tumak template balsa board and fiberglass version now being made by Neilson. One of Eef's boards was on display, too.

Photos complimentary of Aloha_FL, Global Moderator and Hero Member on the 16streets.com forums
and the 2nd Light Forum's Posters

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