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The Surfing Year 2002 Retrospective
"My 3 Best Surfs of 2002"
Procrastination... 2002 was a tough year for winnowing out the Top Sessions (or Days) of the Year, so in a fine AS tradition I'll fudge it up a little. In chronological order:

1) Puerto Rico Trip, Jan 2002. Three great days over the Jan 6-9 period, with equally memorable sessions at 4 or so different breaks including Crashboat, Wilderness, Maria's and T*b** R**k. A few of thesesessions might qualify on a "Best 3" list in any given year.

2) East Coast, DelMarVa and NJ. Two sessions of special significance, although they would generally pale with most of my PR outings. Nonethess, it's all relative. The first was a nice overhead day at NJs, on the DelMarVa, that Dan King and I shared with one other person on the point of the groin. Very satisfying and long, point-like rides. The other session was in November at a Cape May groin... also shared with San Diegan visitor, Dan King, and few other local surf club buddies. It must have been a nice o/h swell to keep me in the water five consecutive hours in 52F water and air in the 40s with a periodic drizzle. Sample pic here.

3) Puerto Rico Trip, Dec 2002. Life is good. We arrive just in time for the largest swell of the winter season so far, surf our cojones off for about four days at a number of reefs, rest for a flattish swell of about four days, and then surf until our arms and legs fall off for the next four days as a new swell rolls in. Other highlights included a friend's pig roast, Beachscaping over 10 surf spots as part of Surfrider Foundation's mapping of the coast program, and good ol' R&R. Sample pics:

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