Close Encounters: RonTiki

"Which posters to alt.surfing have you met/surfed/tripped with, where and when?"

Had the pleasure of surfing with Tom Tweed, Neal Sponge, and Tom Keener in July of 1999 over at WindanSea for three consecutive and fun yawn patrols.

Also camped overnight and surfed with Valsurfs at San Onofre--an experience that I would rather forget as she owes me a fair amount of money for two boards that I sold to her...

oh well, aside from one bad experience, it was pretty cool meeting these people and I look forward to more alt.surfing hook-ups in the future.

Point totals: All that totals up to 0 alt.surfers met, 4 alt.surfers surfed-with, and 0 alt.surfers tripped-with, for a total of 8 points. - AS' Close Encounters -- Last updated 10/2/1999.