Close Encounters: Napalm

"Which posters to alt.surfing have you met/surfed/tripped with, where and when?"

Surfed with Ric in the UK. We had very good waves at Woolacombe but my golly fuck is that place cold. Borrowed a board that hadn't seen a lick of wax since Phil Collins last had his fringe trimmed. I'll definitely make an effort to hook up with Ric again next time I'm over there. WILL take booties and hood.

Surfed with the Evil Pastor here in South Africa. Surfed 4-6ft thundering r/h barrels at a spot quite close to Cave Rock and surfed 2-3 foot peaky lefts at another not-so-well-known bay.

Point totals: All that totals up to 0 alt.surfer met, 2 alt.surfers surfed-with, and 0 alt.surfers tripped-with, for a total of 4 points. - AS' Close Encounters -- Last updated 7/28/1999.