Close Encounters: Egosurf

"Which posters to alt.surfing have you met/surfed/tripped with, where and when?"

met surff and ferg. drank beer, told lies.

surfed with g duke and ferg. g duke was trippin, and i had to drive 45 minutes, plus only a very technical description would call what we rode waves. john said they were microwaves, and the picture shows john in perfect trim on an ankle high ripper. (don't worry duke, evidence destroyed)

surf with regular bros raildevils and cptnwillard, who have both posted here. does that count? [ yes. - tim ]

Point totals: All that totals up to 1 alt.surfers met, 4 alt.surfers surfed-with, and 0 alt.surfers tripped-with, for a total of 9 points. - AS' Close Encounters -- Last updated 7/29/1999.