Close Encounters: Steve "Da Hulk" Hull

"Which posters to alt.surfing have you met/surfed/tripped with, where and when?"

I have met but not surfed with:
Tom Tweed:
Tom and I hooked up for dinner when I was in San Diego for a conference.
Andrew Locke (TolaSurfer):
Andrew and I met at a BBQ he hosted and we have met many times since for business. Still hoping to get a session in soon.
Dyer Crouch (Dyer):
Met at Andrews BBQ.
I have "surfed" with:
Gioni Pasquinelli (G):
Gioni and I have met several times and surfed a couple of times together. I confess I've seen him ride a lot more waves than he's seen me ride. G joined Tim and Rick for Dinner at my place last year.
Dave Francis Dave and I met a couple of times and surfed with G at Sharks once. G took a picture of me noseriding Dave's board.
Mike Kopp (MoodyKopp):
Mike and I have passed quietly in the lineup at the Hook and Sharks a couple of times.
Tim Maddux:
Tim came up last October to surf. We met several times and surfed briefly at PP once. I was going in about the time he paddled out. Saw him get a couple of waves though. Had he and Bettye over for dinner.
Ric Harwood:
Rick had hooked up with Tim while on his trip from England. Rick and I surfed PP together. Rick joined Tim and G at my place for dinner, and Rick and his companion stayed at our place on their way north from Santa Barbara later.
I met Foon about three years ago but we surfed together a little over a year ago when he visited Santa Cruz. Ok, I surfed, he sponged.
Haven't taken a trip with an AS'er yet.

I suspect there are a few Santa Cruz-Norcal folks that I have shared the lineup with but never actually met. Don't know how many points (I added them up for ya Hulk! -tim), but I have always found my encounters to be pleasant and stokeable.

Point totals: All that totals up to 3 alt.surfers met, 6 alt.surfers surfed-with, and 0 alt.surfers tripped-with, for a total of 15 points. - AS' Close Encounters -- Last updated 10/3/1999.